Kelleher Insurance acquired LHW General Insurance in 2013. Following the integration of these businesses, their identities were combined under a new brand name, namely LHK Insurance. This new identity reflects the increasing leverage and influence the combined business has in the general insurance market.

The merger of Kelleher Insurance and LHW General Insurance has proven to be an excellent strategic fit, underpinned by very similar cultural values. We are now one of the largest independently owned insurance brokers in Leinster. Together both businesses can deliver more for our existing and prospective clients with access to insurers in the UK and Irish markets.

Our Mission is to offer independent and trustworthy insurance expertise to our existing and prospective clients.

INDEPENDENT: To offer unbiased advice and to provide access to the widest range of insurers in Ireland and the UK on behalf of our clients.

TRUSTWORTHY: LHK has a proven track record in the delivery of financially secure insurance solutions in order to protect our client’s valuable assets.

EXPERTISE: To attract, retain and develop leading insurance professionals who take full ownership for their client relationships.

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